Funding RESULTS: Why investing in advocacy matters today - Shared screen with speaker view
Bob Sample
What percentage of RESULTS' funding comes from foundations. It used to be less than 5 %. Also, we have the 501(c)(4) status for our lobbying work where donations are not tax deductible. Has this changed?
Mea Geizhals (she/her)
We welcome your questions in the chat box here.
Ken Patterson
what is the simplest resource to share with other nonprofits on advocating to let them know it’s okay to lobby and work with organizations like Results
John Fawcett (he/him)
Ruth Thurmond Scott
Thanks Ms. Aron for the Boulder Program, I have used as a great reference for my nonprofit board. Any suggestions for helping Board members overcome hesitancy of appearing political or offending major donors.
Jim Parsons
In my 40+ years of working with nonprofits in various capacities, including fund raising and grant support, I have watch the landscape change considerably. My experience is related to your third point about foundations' support of advocacy. I've seen similar reluctance to supporting infrastructure -- management, technology, facilities, etc. -- not directly tied to the "good work" (direct services to clients) of the nonprofits. Part of the problem has been the change in funders' expectations for success metrics, "bang for the buck," measures to help them understand their money is making a difference in needy communities. If this makes any sense to you, my question is this: "What are the indicators of success grantors understand and appreciate in funding advocacy?" Thanks.
Jan Twombly
Public perception has been to "starve" organizations of administrative and development money and to put all money into programs. What is the current view among foundation leaders about organizations investing in themselves to build greater capacity?
Jim Parsons
Exactly my point in my question.
Kavita Shah
Do you foresee the explosion of social justice activity and public support of movements like black lives matters from major corporations helping funders and board members be less concerned about appearing political?
Mea Geizhals (she/her)
Thank you all for these great questions. Feel free to keep them coming!
Joel Rubinstein
i haven't heard anything for about 5 minutes.
Sam Daley-Harris
As you say, funders can do a better job in funding advocacy. But what about advocacy groups doing a better job. One advocacy leader from a large nonprofit said to me, "We can't let our volunteers write letters to the editor or op-eds because they'll get it wrong and misrepresent the organization." Do you agree advocacy groups can do a better job to?
Lynne Patalano
I have a question for Nan about our staff-to-volunteer ratio and whether that makes a good case about the effectiveness of RESULTS
Dilani Logan
Thank you for a great session :)
Sarah Leone, RESULTS, She/Her
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Ken Patterson
excellent session
John Fawcett (he/him)
Thank you, Nan. It's hard to overstate what a critical, go-to resource Bolder Advocacy is for non profits. https://bolderadvocacy.org/
Ernest Loevinsohn
great discussion
Sarah Leone, RESULTS, She/Her
Mea Geizhals (she/her)
Roger & Mary
Thank you, Nan.
Mea Geizhals (she/her)
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