Around the World in 45 Minutes - Shared screen with speaker view
Xochitl Sanchez, ACTION (she/her)
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Xochitl Sanchez, ACTION (she/her)
We'll try to have a few minutes towards the end for Q&A, so if anyone has questions please feel free to share in the chat!
Rev. Dr. Bujari
Yes Lightness, I cant agree more. Its the question of priority
Dorothy, RESULTS (she/her)
"As advocates we should never take no for an answer" - love that!
Dorothy, RESULTS (she/her)
"Advocacy doesn't have to look the way it always has""The beat continues, our advocacy continues""Nothing is one size fits all, when it comes to resources we should never take no for an answer - it's a matter of priority""We are NOT all in this together, we need more global health solidarity, not global health nationalism"