How to Meet Effectively with Legislators' Offices - Shared screen with speaker view
Keisha Perkins (she/her)
We hope you are enjoying our 2021 Virtual IC so far, we’re happy to have you here with us! At RESULTS, we believe poverty cannot end as long as oppression exists. Learn more about our values at our Anti-Oppression Resources page: https://results.org/volunteers/anti-oppression/ or the conference app under “Our Values”.
Lisa Marchal
We'll be having a short Q&A at the end of the session - live - with our guests. We welcome your questions here!
Lisa Marchal
If you would like to utilize it, closed captioning is available. Just click the Live Transcript button at the bottom of your screen.
Allie Karshenas
Often times the staffers who show up are NOT the right representation for a given topic (I.e., healthcare inequity) and they say that the will pass the message which is very disappointing as this dilutes the message and makes its value lessened.
Lisa Marchal
Yes, that definitely does happen. Perhaps that makes follow-up even more important so that you can make sure that the passed-on message arrives at its destination.
Allie Karshenas
Lisa Marchal
If we don't get to your question during the Q&A, please don't hesitate to reach out to Lisa Marchal at lmarchal@results.org. We'll do our best to answer your question!
Allie Karshenas
What is the percentage of efforts from a legislative office that is spent on topics and issues from special interests groups like industry versus the issues that impact the public driven through non-profit organizations?
Keisha Perkins (she/her)
Great question, Allie! One I'm sure others wonder about as well. We'll make sure to save that for the Q&A afterwards.
Beth Prevo/SW WA/she-hers
we had what we thought was a great 15 min MTG in Feb? Mar? with a new local staffer to new rep. last I heard, still no replies to our follow ups other than automated "at a retreat", "in DC" etc. any suggestions please?
Keisha Perkins (she/her)
Great question, Beth. Situations like that can be incredibly frustrating and is a problem many have struggled with. We'll make sure to address that during the Q&A.
LaShon Sincerea
far as for me i always call back and ask them questions bout the meeting and make sure they know i am here to help and be support and living wistness
LaShon Sincerea
we give the leave behinds right when the meeting begins
Marcia Wong
what was the link to get someone to respond, please?
Keith Pemrick
Lisa Marchal
Marcia, also, if you are a U.S. advocate, you can find legislative staff on our Legislative Lookup on our RESULTS website. Respectively, the grassroots staff from various countries may well have similar tools for their locations.
Keisha Perkins (she/her)
If you have additional questions after the session ends, feel free to reach out to Lisa Marchal at lmarchal@results.org.
Keisha Perkins (she/her)
Thank you all for attending the session.  We’d love to hear your thoughts, please fill a session survey via the Whova app or via this link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/IC2021session. We look forward to seeing you all at the Welcome and Opening Celebration with Clint Smith at 12 PM ET. Enjoy the rest of the conference!