Global Learning Crisis: Foundational Numeracy and Literacy - Shared screen with speaker view
Yanick Perodin
Whats about good gouvernance?
Ken Patterson, RESULTS (he/him)
Questions via the Whova app:
Ken Patterson, RESULTS (he/him)
from whova app on education session:What can I do as an Advocate in taking the best Action to help in the Global Learning Crises?Will students living in conflict zones be addressed?
Katie Fleischer (she/they)
Feel free to put any questions for Dr. Mo in the chat!
Eugene Martin, Seattle
Much of our RESULTS advocacy focuses on appropriation (e.g. the Global Partnership for Education last year). How can we expand our advocacy to address academic outcomes and systemic changes to address the failures in literacy and numeracy ?
Sylvia Sabel & Joel Rubinstein
Wondering if poor literacy among 14-year-old Nigerian children is related in any way to those children being taught in English but using a different language at home and other parts of their lives.
Laura, Seattle, Washington
I love this story!
Katie Fleischer (she/they)
Welcome, Gat!
Great Story! Is school free?
Peace Mukazi - Results Canada
Thank you Mo! Great insights
Ken Patterson, RESULTS (he/him)
Question in the Chat: I understand that proper education is paramount in developing all facets of a human, mind, body, and soul. My concern is that school systems themselves need a complete re-evaluation to determine if the “outdated framework” they’ve carried for nearly 300 years now is the reason for a declining or stagnant level of student progression would you agree that the institution we have carried for centuries needs re-worked or re-imagined to truly address the issue of including all students equally at all levels?
Yanick Perodin
totally agree with lesson of the hummingbirds story
Mo Adefeso
@Sylvia and Joel, great question! Research suggests that its a multi-pronged issue. The contextual issues include weak teaching skills, socioeconomic challenges and their attendant influence on enrolment and attendance, insufficient resourcing leading to low investments in teaching and learning material and etc. I would like to say that the issues are directly connected to the reality that many children are not taught in their mothertongue, but our data shows dismal literacy results even in local languages such as Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba
Mo Adefeso
@Josiane, public school tuition is free in many Nigerian states, but parents grapple under the weight of non-tuition costs that sometimes account for more than 30% of household income
Holy Linton
Dr. Adefaso - Do you believe that in some countries governments do not have the will to educate children and their people in general? Just because Education is Power. In this kind of scenario have you found that evidence-based advocacy helped to bring about change?
Mo Adefeso
@Ken, I agree. Education cannot be static. As humanity evolves and adapts, so must the systems that educate them. Irrelevance is the bane of many curricula
Katie Fleischer (she/they)
Thank you so much for sharing your story, Gat
Yanick Perodin
Ihave tears in my eyes to think it is the story of so many
Mo Adefeso
@Holy - your excellent question can be addressed at multiple levels First government is not one single or homogenous entity. In many countries, there are levels and tiers to government from the local to the national. Their incentives and intentions may differ based on their constituencies and the sheer politics of governance. Democratically elected governments that do not have the will to educate their citizens should be voted out since the office of the citizen is the highest office of all.
ChrisDendys - Results Canada
"the office of the citizen is the highest office of all" - how inspiring and true. thanks Dr. Mo
Ken Patterson, RESULTS (he/him)
Each of them is a potential rock star like Gat
Byron H
How do we understand and promote more relevant curricula? Who could we open discourse with on the re-structuring of the modern course framework? I would hear all the time from struggling students, “I’m not going to ever use this again when I’m out of school, so why does it matter?”I don’t believe state representatives decide how schools decide what or how to teach, so is this within our advocacy work?
For sure! Each child was born to share their light and be a force of good for humanity.
Holy Linton
So true … Thank you very much to both of you for your sharing and your wisdom!
Ken Patterson, RESULTS (he/him)
Thanks for that Dr. Mo
Ken Patterson, RESULTS (he/him)
Curriculum is typically formed at the school board level. In the US, that might be the place to advocate in many cases. States do also have a some hand in statewide curricula
Yanick Perodin
thank you for the advise one child at a time but we still need democratically elected governements in Africa
Service above self vs. personal gain
Linda Sibiya (EN) Eswatini
True Yanick
Byron H
Mo you are mesmerizing. Artistically expressing yourself through speech. Beautiful and thought provoking !
Katie Fleischer (she/they)
Thanks everyone, this was very inspiring
Lindsay Sheridan
Byron H
Thank you both , wonderful work you are both doing. God bless !
Debbie Hoover
Thank You for this powerful session! 😊
Mo Adefeso
Thank you all so much. What a wonderful, vibrant group of advocates!!!
Great conversation! Thank you to both!
ChrisDendys - Results Canada
wonderful panel - thank you so much for your inspiring words and shared wisdom
Anny Lin, GCE-US (she/her)
Thank you all!
ChrisDendys - Results Canada
Great job Lindsay!
Byron H
Thank you Gat! You spoke beautifully as well!
Katie Fleischer (she/they)
You can find the agenda here! https://results.org/conference/agenda/