IC 2021 Saturday Plenaries - Shared screen with speaker view
Colin Puzo Smith (He/Him)
Hello everyone! If anyone has any specific legislative questions, please put them into the Q/A at the bottom of your screen, rather than the chat box.
Colin Puzo Smith (He/Him)
For anyone who may want to zoom in closer on slides, you can find them for download in this session on the agenda: https://results.org/conference/agenda/
Michael Santos, RESULTS (he/him/his)
Conference slides are here: https://results.org/wp-content/uploads/IC-2021-Campaigns-Overview-John-Meredith.pptx
Michael Santos, RESULTS (he/him/his)
Housing justice/racial justice blog here: https://results.org/blog/housing-justice-is-racial-justice/
Michael Santos, RESULTS (he/him/his)
If you have any questions about housing, you can reach Michael at msantos@results.org.
Meredith Dodson, RESULTS (she/her)
As John mentioned earlier, lots more resources for learning about these issues (good backgrounders, laser talk worksheets, the leave behinds, media packets) here: https://results.org/resources/2021-international-conference-resources/. And a reminder to use the Q&A box if you have questions!