"At the Intersection of Global Health and Climate Change" presented by Global Allies Program and RPCVs4EA - Shared screen with speaker view
Meredith Vostrejs
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Mona Cummings
Sao Tome and Principe, 1994-96 and Mozambique (Response) 2010 … PC SF Office Recruiter 2001-2006
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Peter Nerone
We have communities in Cincinnati uphill from industry and a major highway. They have much higher rates of asthma and other respiratory disease.
Ken Patterson, RESULTS (he/him)
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Ken Patterson, RESULTS (he/him)
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Arianna Richard
What an incredible presentation. So many people don't realize the intersectional nature of climate change on global health. To what degree can we still work to prevent, and to what degree or we looking to mitigate damage already done?
Yanick Perodin
thank you Dr Holder for this wonderful presentation ,so inspiring
Arianna Richard
mary ternoey
Should municipalities start forcing citizens to move away from the coasts?
Keith Task
Hi Dr. Holder. Thank you so much for the powerful presentation. Governments around the world are talking about climate change, but I have not heard much from them about the direct health effects of climate change (as you have outlined). Do you know if governments (e.g. like our members of congress) are talking/addressing this, and might this be something we can directly bring up to them during our advocacy?
Meredith Vostrejs
Can you please share what you learned at COP26, and anything that gives you hope? How can we support action/advocacy at a global level?
Thomas Potter
Sadly FPL paid politicians in Tallahassee to prevent domestic solar, Greed!!
Mark A Mahoney
Unfortunately in Florida the role of local communities seems to not be taken into consideration at the State level. The reality is that all communities are different and many decisions should be allowed to be taken at that level. A stronger civil society is part of the key.
Chris King
This is an awesome org here in San Francisco that plants and maintains trees just in the way you are suggesting! https://www.fuf.net/
Meredith Vostrejs
Everyone is invited to take action with the co-sponsors of this event! Visit us at www.rpcv4ea.org and https://www.peacecorpsconnect.org/companies/global-allies-program-partners-ending-poverty-with-results
Carissa Patrone
As Dr. Holder had mentioned Project Drawdown earlier, if you have any questions about Project Drawdown/Drawdown Lift, you're welcome to email me at carissa.patrone@drawdown.org. Here is the website: https://www.drawdown.org/drawdown-lift and here is a link to our new policy brief on girls' education, family planning, and climate adaptation: https://www.drawdown.org/publications/drawdown-lift-policy-brief-girls-education-and-family-planning
Barbara Jue
Petroleum companies are investing a lot more in plastics production vs oil exploration because they see the writing on the wall regarding dirty fossil fuels. Because plastics are so pervasive in the environment, already we see micro plastics in our water systems and in the air we breathe. What are the specific health impacts of micro plastics in our bodies?
mary ternoey
Thank you so much for your time. This was an excellent presentation, and I hope we will be able more like these in the near future. Thanks for sharing with us. Be safe and very well!
Thomas Potter
Thank you Dr. Holder.
Meredith Vostrejs
Thanks for joining us tonight for this critical conversation. In a few minutes we will provide tangible action items you can take….
Keith Task
Thank you, Dr. Holder. That was helpful.
Paige Anderson
Thank you, Dr. Holder!
Ken Patterson, RESULTS (he/him)
We will send the chat to you Dr. Holder
Mona Nyandoro Cummings
About my tree question: Amen to your response. I plant trees for a living at Tree Fresno in CA… partnering with cities, counties, schools/districts, and even private property owners. We are funded primarily though the CAL FIRE Urban and Community Forestry Program (in the millions over the years) and the California Air Resources Board. Tree Fresno operates on the principle of Tree Equity (Ala American Forests). I just started a partnership with the Fresno Metro Black Chamber, and we began an education and workforce development program focused on the importance of urban trees. Interestingly, my initial pilot is comprised of leadership and participants in gun violence prevention programs from SW Fresno — I always say, once a PCV, always a PCV. — I want to add that volunteering with us to plant a tree, allows people to actively do something in their community to make the community a better place to live.
Sam Daley-Harris
“Between 98 and 99 percent of humanity is disengaged….From the earth’s point of view there’s no difference between a climate denier and someone who understands the problem but actually doesn’t do anything.”Paul Hawken, Author, Drawdown