Nutrition: From rights-based advocacy to Nutrition for Growth commitments - Shared screen with speaker view
Max De Faria (they/them)
We hope you are enjoying our 2021 RESULTS International Conference so far, we’re happy to have you here with us! At RESULTS, we believe poverty cannot end as long as oppression exists. Learn more about our values at our Anti-Oppression Resources page: https://results.org/volunteers/anti-oppression/ or the conference app under Our Values.
Max De Faria (they/them)
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Max De Faria (they/them)
To learn more about nutrition as a human right, check out this brief by Mathilde Cheisa: https://www.results.org.uk/publications/nutrition-human-right-adopting-rights-based-approach-food-context-covid-19
Max De Faria (they/them)
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Ken Patterson
how many countries officially recognize this these rights ?
Max De Faria (they/them)
For more information about how sexism pervades malnutrition, read this brief by Mathilde Cheisa: https://www.results.org.uk/publications/malnutrition-sexist-determinants-nutrition-women-and-girls
Dorothy, RESULTS (she/her)
A lot of our nutrition advocacy focuses on the first 1000 days, are there particular human rights protections re: nutrition that are specific for children? Or is this general across all humanity? thank you!
If a country signs on to human rights for nutrition, does that only apply to their own citizens, or to the world's children?
Delores Lyons
Great question Yvonne.
Max De Faria (they/them)
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Max De Faria (they/them)
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Aaron Oxley (RESULTS UK) he/him
Yep - Opening Plenary, very exciting! https://whova.com/portal/webapp/resul_202106/Agenda/1638961
Sabina Rogers (she/her)